Det er sjelden vi er innom blogger som den til hu det er bilde av over her.
Ganske enkelt fordi vi ønsker å beholde det vi har av hjernekapasitet - 
vi kan ikke risikere forråtnelse og spredning i det lille vi allerede opererer med.
Men vi dømmer da ingen: Om du liker fotball, merkevarer med reklame logoer på 
og innsiktsfull lesning med en humoristisk snert er denne bloggen midt i blinken!
Vi bærer på håpet om en nyhetssak...et sjokkerende exposé som avslører
at det faktisk er Eddie Eidsvåg som står bak denne bloggen.


Normal is Boring. The Song

There are just too many things to say about this, so I'll let it "sing" for itself...

Normal is Boring

 Nina Naustdal. 
I just can't get enough of this "designer to the pornstars". 
She's so natural and such fun, 
and living proof that money doesn't give you class, it just gives you money.  
(And get someone to teach you how to pronounce "Hermés" and "Louboutin" correctly?)
Whenever I feel down, I just browse her website and look at her collections. 
Then I go and give my worn-out Adidas jacket a big hug...

Here's an interview with her by MinMote-Sonia 
(who must be the most boring host ever to grace the world of web-tv...) 
Watch out for the music video!

Nina's website


Balls to that

First of all: I truly believed the whole showing of pot bellies look was over.
Second: I'm not gonna go there...

(Photo: Stella Pictures)

The Thief

Oslo's new "design hotel" The Thief had its grand opening and sadly I could not attend,
so I had to rely on other media to post pics for me to use. And they did.
Instagram's square image format makes it hard to show the full fashion deliciousness,
and here they are:
Per Sundnes posed next to the girl who's mouth never seem to close. She's wearing "The Mermaid Dress", which she found suitable as the hotel is by the fjord. It is not known whether she swam to the party, but rumors say she took a dip later and ended up in a "Beached Whale Dress" over by City Hall. 

Little Steven (please, there's only one thing little about him...) attracted this self-absorbed "actress" at the party. She could not decide whether she wanted curly or straight hair, so she went for this combo - almost as fun as her shrimp layered dress. I won't make fun of her, 'cause I love any woman who goes for a look that make her hips enormous.

Aaaaw, Gossip Girl Grandma is just the sweetest. She brought her father to this extravaganza.
Shame she left the eleganza at home.

(All pics: Stella Pictures)


Instagram whore

So, I've been very preoccupied orally since the last post a year ago. Orally as in talking shit about our D-Listers. As I'm a busy gal on the go, I decided to get on Instagram - it's just easy.
I'll try to get back here as well, but check me out over there...


Got Pepto Bismol?

Pink threw up all over this MoN fragrance launch...

Mrs. Pigalopp was out and about - as usual dressed to kill as she's representing the fashion editors of the world...

this is why (umph) I need a great big shot of (umph) Pepto Bismol...acid reflux is no joke, y'all!


Rock on!

never grow old!


a hairy situation

sometimes a visit to the hairdresser will crack me up.


Classic Psigny

aaah, it's always a pleasure to revisit this segment...


caught in a Versace time warp

I think there's a reason why this tragic collection never made it to Milan's fashion week...

Noooo, this isn't too much at all, guys! I can't wait to see all the gay twinks (and mr. Mubashir) running around in this - it'll definitely put more than a smile on my face!

But if there's one person who will go apeshit over this, it's the former singing sensation (hahahahahahaaaaa!!!, I'm KILLING myself!) Bambee! Check this out: http://tv2.no/video/?progId=256494

The Noble Nobel Committee?

yeah...they sure know how to dress for the occation. One of them makes me want to belt out "Lady Marmalade" - can you guess who?


Merry Christmas, bitches!

it's wintertime!

our favorite man in tights is out and about again...
And posing for us - what a treat!!


nobel gala dinner

Hello, Boobies!! Love it!

it's a miracle she got to the party
after nearly being chocked to death...

oy vey, check out the magical sheer detailing in her dress.
methinks Pia Haraldsen may have had something to do with this...

oooh, the grim reality of Norway's politicians:
wipe the grin off your face, missy - you really should be weeping.

nope...you still look like shite.
Just in a tight dress.

Pics: Glenn Svendsen/STELLA PICTURES


planecrash ahoi

I most likely would've refused her to check in for the flight.
Then again, she's in line for Ryan Air...


men who look like lesbians pt. 1

and you will have me believe that this
is being bombarded with offers from women?
Is the the tooth jewelry? The golden locks?
what's happening with the world!?

It doesn't suit you

"what doesn't?", you might say.
But the answer is simple: "Anything."
Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Pudderkvastrabagast is just a drab affair.
Never have I been so bored in my life.
I think I'll just go home and pull out my fingernails instead.
I suggest you do the same.


back to the 70s

The recent premiere of Inger Lise hjerter 70-tallet
made some people crawl out when they clearly shouldn't have:

FYI: there is a difference between 70's chic
and the homeless hobo look. so sad.

look at me - I'm fun!!
I have my hooker boots on!

some man in drag tried to make camel toe fashionable.
(you might wanna try something called "tucking")