norwegian wood

hey mister, you need to pull your pants up - your butt's showing!

yeah. troll disaster. proof they do exist.


at 4pm on a Sunday, the last thing you expect to see
roaming the streets is a princess with a bad hangover on her way home from
last night's...slutfest?

esmod fashion show

talk about a midlife crisis!
get a grip, sista!

our crown princess dazzled the crowd in her beige...whatever the hell that is.

musikkens dag

oooh! I'll celebrate summer by putting on every green fuckin' item
I can find in my closet...

the eurovision-diva left the paillettes at home for the day...and did her own hair.

I just couldn't resist my mom's delicious curtains...


takk til Oslostil

i travle tider er det godt andre er ute og skyter fra hofta.
her er et knippe av det beste fra oslostil.no...