Got Pepto Bismol?

Pink threw up all over this MoN fragrance launch...

Mrs. Pigalopp was out and about - as usual dressed to kill as she's representing the fashion editors of the world...

this is why (umph) I need a great big shot of (umph) Pepto Bismol...acid reflux is no joke, y'all!


Rock on!

never grow old!


a hairy situation

sometimes a visit to the hairdresser will crack me up.


Classic Psigny

aaah, it's always a pleasure to revisit this segment...


caught in a Versace time warp

I think there's a reason why this tragic collection never made it to Milan's fashion week...

Noooo, this isn't too much at all, guys! I can't wait to see all the gay twinks (and mr. Mubashir) running around in this - it'll definitely put more than a smile on my face!

But if there's one person who will go apeshit over this, it's the former singing sensation (hahahahahahaaaaa!!!, I'm KILLING myself!) Bambee! Check this out: http://tv2.no/video/?progId=256494

The Noble Nobel Committee?

yeah...they sure know how to dress for the occation. One of them makes me want to belt out "Lady Marmalade" - can you guess who?