more awesomeness

if you're going for the dominatrix-look,
do it properly, ferchrissakes!
this horrendous get-up
got top ratings from side2.no's fashion "eggspert"...
hahaha, I laugh in your face!

"hey, I want a dress that makes me look r e a l l y big,
and if I sleep until the party starts
I'll probably look well rested...right?"


"yay, I'm so cute and I get to dress up!"

"boobs out, stomach in, ass out, limp arm.
boobs out, stomach in, ass out, limp arm.
god, there's just sooooo many things to remember!!"
norway's no.1 media whore at yet another event...yaaawn.


the comeback

seriously, did we really need to see all this?
what the hell is it!?? any thoughts??
I believe we need to see a stylist's head roll
-I'll provide the guillotine!


Talk about a drab and boring affair!
makes me extremely uninspired!
yet, these were the ones that stood out last night.
someone give this poor lad some makeup tips!

my eyes! my eyes!!!!
warning: looking can induce vomiting

talk about drowning in animal print!
she's either a transvestite
or running one of oslo's many brothels...

the cutie pie "pulled a Donna Karan"
and missed again...

the workout

workouts can be both stylish and fun!
Just slip on a robe, grap a couple of radios
and you're all set!
And if you want to treat yourself,
keep the chocolate nearby...



adding purple string to you hair
will draw the attention away
from hairloss and the hairdresser's appointment
you keep missing...


the sports gala 2009

oh, how I just love it when sportspeople
get to play dress-up!

jesus christ, flower girl!
you would have been better off
showing up in a teletubbie costume!
...and doesn't mr. klemetsen's hand look
just like Spongebob Squarepants??

"oooh, I have just the perfect dress
to make my head look really small...
pink is girly, right?"


oslonights - the worst of the best

oslonights.no made their picks for 2008...
some of which we hope never to see again:
xena, the warrior prince(ss) grabbing on tight

normally, this only applies to santa claus,
but I just feel the need to scream
"Ho Ho Ho!"

well, a suit cannot change the fact
that you're simply annoying

well, helloooo there, miss Grannypants!
waaaay too many things to say,
so I'll just go with:

"is that a dildo on your head,
or are you just happy to see me?"

is it a poodle or an afghan?


some december shit

and happy new year, y'all!
henriette lien felt the need
to add a third boob...for whatever reason.

miss scarlett left the glam behind
when she came to Oslo.
tin foil and greasy hair is obviously the way to go.

well, she's never been a paragon of style,
but i just had to include this shiteous mess.