the end is nigh

yup, good people;
this may well be one of my last, if not the last entry.
there are oh so many bloggers out there
and blogging is just sooo last June.
truth is (or is it?), Psigny paid me a lot of money to shut it down.
after I called her a tree trunk.
anyway, I may or may not get back on
- we'll see what's being worn out there
and what tickles my fancy.

So thanks for stopping by
and for your comments throughout the year, y'all!

I leave you with a local pretty boy and his hardcore friend.
men in fur and flowers...it doesn't get more manly than that!


rhythm is gonna getcha

you can just smell the fish, can't you?
(doing a scale-joke would just be too easy)

this was just the perfect way
to hide the hideous
TenaLady pad...and still strap it in.



would you really buy a book
with fashion advice from this group??
here we have a dominatrix,
a symphonic mess in blue,
an overrated greek goddess...and a tree trunk.
life can be so depressing sometimes.


Good Grief, it's the Garlic Girls!

"Look at me, look at me - I'm acting all natural!
Amish or not, I was simply born to pose!"
(pic: dagbladet)


bustin' out at hermés

he's as gorgeous as ever
(I'll forgive him the jacket just 'cuz he so purdy),
psigny's tight green taffeta-wrap-thing's
holdin' her puppies at bay, but
the roots, baby, the roots!
as for the third one...who cares.
(maybe she was there for puppy rescue)
the party: yaaawn...

(pic: oslonights.no)


snow white?

...or maybe her sister (as this one's obviously a drunk).
the ice princess was spotted at this beer joint.
Thankfully, later she was mistaken for a polar bear.
By a polar bear.
we won't be seeing her again...