Sexless in the City

The STARS really outdid themselves
at the premiere of Sex & The City 2.
Oh goody!

Pia Tjelta went back to the 80's.
Was Vanessa Rudjord airing out her unmentionables
due to an unfortunate yeast infection?
(don't know who the pregnant older lady to the left is)

Lene Alexandra & hubby took some time off
from running Larkollen Camping

her new book is entitled
"How to Spiral Downwards
Without Acknowledging It"

Yikes! Björk's Oscar dress
was so much better than this.
(oh! Is that a Louis Vuitton bag??)

"busy girl on the go"
turned "bath towel girl"

Gladiator look? Really??
(or could it be blood-sucking aliens attached?
now THAT would've been fun!)

some former nanny
got her boobs out. again.

ooouch!! my eyes, my eeeeyes!!!

and then the common folk...

thankfully all the Z-listers
came out in full force, too...

hola, senorita!

expecting lift-off as soon as the wind picks up

adding any kind of comment
would just be too evil...
(and I wouldn't know where to even start)

What to wear to the SATC2 premiere?
...not a potato sack, honey.