Merry Christmas, bitches!

it's wintertime!

our favorite man in tights is out and about again...
And posing for us - what a treat!!


nobel gala dinner

Hello, Boobies!! Love it!

it's a miracle she got to the party
after nearly being chocked to death...

oy vey, check out the magical sheer detailing in her dress.
methinks Pia Haraldsen may have had something to do with this...

oooh, the grim reality of Norway's politicians:
wipe the grin off your face, missy - you really should be weeping.

nope...you still look like shite.
Just in a tight dress.

Pics: Glenn Svendsen/STELLA PICTURES


planecrash ahoi

I most likely would've refused her to check in for the flight.
Then again, she's in line for Ryan Air...


men who look like lesbians pt. 1

and you will have me believe that this
is being bombarded with offers from women?
Is the the tooth jewelry? The golden locks?
what's happening with the world!?

It doesn't suit you

"what doesn't?", you might say.
But the answer is simple: "Anything."
Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Pudderkvastrabagast is just a drab affair.
Never have I been so bored in my life.
I think I'll just go home and pull out my fingernails instead.
I suggest you do the same.


back to the 70s

The recent premiere of Inger Lise hjerter 70-tallet
made some people crawl out when they clearly shouldn't have:

FYI: there is a difference between 70's chic
and the homeless hobo look. so sad.

look at me - I'm fun!!
I have my hooker boots on!

some man in drag tried to make camel toe fashionable.
(you might wanna try something called "tucking")



people do highly unnecessary things.
-it kinda hurts a little bit - and not in that good way...
(pic: Paul Weaver / www.side2.no)

(aaaand as his 30th birthday is coming up,
we got an email from this party animal requesting we do a portrait of him.
or if we knew of any magazine or newspaper which could be interested.
Focus: How he reached 30 by Still Point Therapy,
how he's finally found love, reached his goals, and his relationships
with his sparring partners Daniel, Mia, Henriette and Camilla.
Please, if you know anyone interested in doing an article, contact him asap!)


it's been a while

...so I just felt it was time to bring Signy back.
see, you can look fab having just fallen out of bed!
as long as you've got Chanel as a crutch.


showing some class

ah, this is just too delicious!
Pia is now a real Designer.
does she realize she's designing clothes
for mid-range prostitutes..?

No doubt this'll be a laugh out loud moment
at the upcoming Oslo Fashion Week!

showing your ass at parties will always be in vogue

velour, Pia? seriously..?
exactly what era sexy are you trying to bring back..?


I'm flattered...

being named The Celebrities Worst Fear,
but honestly, I hope they have more important things to worry about.
But perhaps not.

And it's simply not true that I lashed out at Märtha...

THIS is lashing out:

I really wish she had the balls...

Her daughter Emmangelica Tallulleah
had learned to knit at this stage
and surprised her on Mother's Day...so cute!

After the wedding
she did the chicken dance

fleece is simply appropriate for any occation.
no need for a purse
when the hat has room for all your essentials.

Just a little thing I threw on.

why does this remind me of the witch
in Ivo Caprino's The Fox's Widow?

The fact that Wenche Lyche still works
keeps me up at night

yeah, adding a belt really helps...


wax on, wax off

The Karate Kid premiere

Per Heimly is the new spokesperson
for Wella Shampoo

Signy came dressed to the teeth
and looked like a million bucks!

Whats-his-face and his daughter - sorry: girlfriend!
Another contender for the Mr. Midlife Crisis Awards.

Oh. Dear. God.
Floral... Not. For. You.

I'm tall. He's short.
But we match, so it's ok.
He likes to wear my heels around the house.
I let him.



If you're older than 24 months and wearing this shit,
you might as well just put on a diaper.
Then I'd respect you!


Sexless in the City

The STARS really outdid themselves
at the premiere of Sex & The City 2.
Oh goody!

Pia Tjelta went back to the 80's.
Was Vanessa Rudjord airing out her unmentionables
due to an unfortunate yeast infection?
(don't know who the pregnant older lady to the left is)

Lene Alexandra & hubby took some time off
from running Larkollen Camping

her new book is entitled
"How to Spiral Downwards
Without Acknowledging It"

Yikes! Björk's Oscar dress
was so much better than this.
(oh! Is that a Louis Vuitton bag??)

"busy girl on the go"
turned "bath towel girl"

Gladiator look? Really??
(or could it be blood-sucking aliens attached?
now THAT would've been fun!)

some former nanny
got her boobs out. again.

ooouch!! my eyes, my eeeeyes!!!

and then the common folk...

thankfully all the Z-listers
came out in full force, too...

hola, senorita!

expecting lift-off as soon as the wind picks up

adding any kind of comment
would just be too evil...
(and I wouldn't know where to even start)

What to wear to the SATC2 premiere?
...not a potato sack, honey.



I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

Hell Hotel

how I love it when white trash go out to play.
Let me count the ways...

no no, the wig doesn't make you look like a porn star at all...

how to make teeth jewelry look like a cavity

short in front for easy access.

what - Mira was there??

(pic: Paul Weaver / www.side2.no)


the morons

I'd rather gnaw off my own feet and eat them raw
than watch these idiots on TV.


the weather girl

obviously going windsurfing later.
(or is one boob smaller & needs help?)

aaand repeat

"artist" marianne aulie at Gullruten.
yeah, we get it now: you LOVE these dresses.
- or do you own only two??