I'm flattered...

being named The Celebrities Worst Fear,
but honestly, I hope they have more important things to worry about.
But perhaps not.

And it's simply not true that I lashed out at Märtha...

THIS is lashing out:

I really wish she had the balls...

Her daughter Emmangelica Tallulleah
had learned to knit at this stage
and surprised her on Mother's Day...so cute!

After the wedding
she did the chicken dance

fleece is simply appropriate for any occation.
no need for a purse
when the hat has room for all your essentials.

Just a little thing I threw on.

why does this remind me of the witch
in Ivo Caprino's The Fox's Widow?

The fact that Wenche Lyche still works
keeps me up at night

yeah, adding a belt really helps...