moods of norway

a show for rednecks and hillbillies...
I mean, Wig Wam!? Come on!!

stealing shamelessly from Thierry Mugler,
even a Emma Sjögren model lookalike,
yet lightyears away from being as stylish!

will we ever see a MoN show without the saaaaame plaid suits..?

Oslo Fashion Week

thank god - it's over!
luckily I missed the whole drab affair this time,
so thanks to side2.no for pics...

did you forget your batons at home, girls..?

Tone Whatsherface
in a dress made from leftover material
from her lovah's custom made bed.

can someone please explain
just why Lilyjest keep getting an invite?
(at least it stops them from making muzak...)

wow! how'd you get out of the uniform jacket??

I'm laughing because I have ridiculous gloves on.

catwoman decided to make an appearance

I just love letha..
and yes, I let my pubes grow out - aren't they fab?