bøtter flies

"time to wake opp, don no what to wear.
do my make opp, then I brush my hair.
you're the føs thing as I pain my nail"

you said it, missy - pain indeed!


look into my...coat

after having stared at this coat for the better part of the evening,      it took only one beer to get me drunk and my vertigo came into full effect.




dear mr. stylist,
when using fetish gear like latex,
it is supposed to fit.
and is her dress riding up in the back
because she's just come from the toilet..?

the song was a boring as her dress.
let's hope it doesn't affect the baby...

17 year old sex-kittens from the waist down,
40 year old virgins from the waist up.

just another potato-sack.
(and no, you're not diana ross)

jesus christ,
what the hell just exploded?
and what's up with the victorian-style hips??

velvet days

why velvet's manager thinks it's a good idea
to lie about their age, is beyond me.
I would've gone the other way
to say they're all in their fifties...


anything's possible

it is with great pleasure I announce
that pigs can, in fact, fly.
here, author åsne seierstad
in her glorious gown
as she receives the "Walk in Style" award
at Copenhagen's Fashion week.
below, a few of her outfits
that have made her such an icon of style:



Suck it!

costume awards

After hours and hours
of planning, sowing and fitting,
they finally achieved the look they were after:
a cross between a hooker and a christmas present.

pizzachick came dressed as a Rockette,
ready to do some high kicks.
Sadly, all the practice at home
had left her cross-eyed.

Good thing you had the cake on your head,
otherwise this would've been a disaster.

amazing the things you can do
with a tablecloth from IKEA...when you're drunk.

someone channeled Michael Jackson ("I'm Baaad!"),
while others had been taking fashion tips
from Aretha Franklin...
(That brain must be special
since you wrapped it...who's it for?)