workin' it

people who work out rock!


no wire hangers!

ol' crazy eyes is looking more and more like Faye Dunaway, non?
(It could have been flattering
had I not been talking about the Faye of today...)


TV2 launch

you go, girl! 
you go far, far away...

TSH's Armani rip-off 
made this weather-girl look like an oversized


the nymph

sometimes, when going for a swim,
you might want to consider going commando...
just a thought.


balloon mood

the plaid suit? again?? really???
but good choice bringing
a helium ballon as you date!

some reality gurrl

 I love that even in Norway you find white trash.
in spandex, lace and artsy fingernails.
some people should have a cock in their mouths
at all times.
(yes, of course I meant the bird!)


yeah, yeah yeah - we get it:
you're just sooo cuhraaazy!

we love psigny

we love her and her recyclables.
this must be one of her absolute favorite garments.
suitable for every occation,
worn to every event.

now, this is just fun!
not afraid to experiment with colors and styles,
she went all out with this ensemble!

at the moods of norway show,
psigny went for frills!
Stop it, girlfriend - you're killing us with your glamour!

and at the opening, she was an absolute dream.
we could lose ourselves in that azure bosom of hers.
(sadly, that place is taken - she enjoys the chocolate love)
Love the Marc J. shoes - from quite a few seasons back...

coco reborn!

according to our fashion forward expert,
tyre salesman tommy sharif, 
pizzaface jenny skavlan is the new coco chanel.
wow, what a compliment!
and coming from this snappy dresser, it must be true! 
(or, he could just be horny)

here she is: always a class act.

not much to say, really.
the model on top says it all, poor sap.

Oslo Fashion Week

perhaps choosing clothes to minimize
the great garlic head would be good?
...or just come as a (re)tired drag queen.

someone seem to have lost it...
and no, I'm not talking weight.

petter stordalen should rejoice!
another contender for the title
"mr. midlife crisis" appeared during OFW.