thanks oslonights

no no no.
 trying to outdo Mr. Cavalli, no doubt

trying to mix Lestat's look with Cinderella, are we?

...my husband likes it when I dress
like I'm a six year old schoolgirl...



at the premiere of Den Siste Revejakta,
songbird Unni Wilhelmsen brought
some highly unnecessary accessory...
oy vey!


i'm just curious;
does this strange little man
have anything else to wear but this suit,
or do they have one pic they photoshop into event pics??

hammer time!

with such a severe case of hammer toes,
I'd strongly recommend other footwear.
let's face it, you're more of a Crocs-girl, anyway..

flower power

Psigny went all out at Aschehoug's garden party,
as entertainment for the other guests...
She put on her usual earpieces & her finest apron-tent
and went on to paint portraits...


makin' out

bad hair days, bed spread-skirts and the likes...
when you make a real effort like this,
who said landing a husband was hard?



even the simplest things went awry at OFW...
I think not.

hole in one

overrated model Hege Golf
in her bohemianlook&extremelyflammablepolyestercaftan.
I'm not saying it's ugly, I just wish it would go
...for pure entertainment, of course.

nÅrsk's stand at OFW

attracting her target clientele,
the saucy minx!


Elle must be so proud

...just felt like featuring
Psigny again...cuz she so hawt!


pia haraldsen is proud of her
NOK300 scottish heritage.
the person to her left is waste. 



walking proof that even credible designers
can fuck up....
this was no doubt originally meant
as underwear...
(i'd wear it...)


Underground Fashion Event

What an incredible ordeal!!
Martineminusronny, Ompa and Nårsk...
there's work to be done, and plenty of it!
Thank God we got hammered afterwards...
The one to hail at this event was by far Icily,
so check them out here


I hope you were able to breathe, baby!
...the raincoat's kinda cute, though.


sometimes you just get depressed
and start to pray for rain...lots of it.

Eurovision or Øya?

no Mr., when you decided to put on
that sweater, you lost your right to finger me...



yeah yeah yeah, I know...he's a kid.
But, he's wearing crocs,
for crying out loud!
It's never ok - deal with it!

growing up is hard to do

how the hell could you think
borrowing your kid's vest
would improve your look, Mr?


Pom-pom Margreth

ms. Olin with some
ill-placed nipple applications.
probably leftovers from her
burlesque training class...

li'l sweet old lady

oh no, wait!
she's young!
just pretending to be old...


concert mayhem

so, before we're off to capture some undeniably great
moments - and people - at Øya,
here's a peek at some music lovers
at a recent gig:
fake tattoos made with a sharpie are all the rage

is that a sheep on your head, or are you just...a dumbass?


how to get laid?

internet has opened so many doors for dating,
some of which should be kept closed.
love that her skirt says "kinky" -
sometimes it helps to spell it out.

good luck, grrl!


gaaahr - and a bottle of rum

let me guess;
shopping while intoxicated?
we can only hope...