pull it up, pull it tight.   run like a gazelle.



bikini season's so close you can smell it,
so time to lose those bingo wings
and do some serious weight lifting!


the body

today I want to educate my surroundings.
I will put on my skeleton t-shirt.
It goes so well with my purse.


more petter

for the farris opening, petter had his kimono altered

the two lovely twins were there, too
the one to the right is three minutes older than her sister.


petter's gladiolas

are. you. fucking. serious. shorty?

nice potatosack.
goes well with the sneakers.

some people you just know
would've been killed off in the first fight...


Gullruten 2009

at the after party,
she got tangled up in the bathroom doorhandle
and unfortunately got strangled to death.

isn't it funny
how the vulgarity seems to be growing
at the same rate as her belly?

guri: enough with the legs! we've all seen your..
and wouldn't you say
this is the face of a man who just got laid?
By someone half his age?
(we can't wait for the kiss-and-tell article)

at home, I just dip her in water
and slide her around the floor.
It's clean in no time!
I love multi-use dresses.


yeah...what to do with chiffon leftovers?
We'll give her a Quasimodo makeover!
this is just wrong - on so many levels.

loving the camel toe.