lady in red

Ya, you got a whole lotta hotness goin' on, lady!


au naturel?? mon dieu!

Just because you're...

...stuck in Kongo like Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French...

...or got only 184 votes for your nationalist ass-party, 
like loser Øivind Heian,
these horrendous displays of hair growth
 simply cannot be justified.
(Jan Thomas: Fancy a trip to Kongo?)


pre election days

In these pre-election days,
it's only fitting to do a politician...
Siv Jensen is a politician.
(No, not a lesbian. Not when she's sober, anyway)
She's heavily into fashion
and brings out her femme side every now and then.

Please, if I were a lesbian 
- then what am I doing in a sausage factory?

making sure the deaf and hard of hearing will get the message

from her imaginary pregnancy stage 

It's totally like, who doesn't look good in pink! You know?
she kinda looks convincing as a girl in this pic!

"it's my dream to be on Dancing with the Stars
and I just adore Cher!"

"...then I just stick out my tongue and..."


hold it!

"should I go as a soldier from the civil war
or as a Rockette? I know, I'll combine the two! Fi-erce!"


da dawg

I'm smiling 'cause I have no underwear on.
or brains.

hi 5

"let's go for black, otherwise we'll look like complete ponces"


what the elf??

at fam irvolls show at OFW 
people were asked to come dressed inspired by sailors.
this was dog mira craig's getup. 
her excuse? "I misunderstood!"
some people are just too desperate for attention.
shame you can't see the wings on her back.
and lose the stoopid glasses - or get actual glasses in the frame...
i pity yo',  fool!

eat me

aulie in the other of her two dresses.
her career must be going well.
and would you really eat 
anything these two grease monkeys served up??