I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

Hell Hotel

how I love it when white trash go out to play.
Let me count the ways...

no no, the wig doesn't make you look like a porn star at all...

how to make teeth jewelry look like a cavity

short in front for easy access.

what - Mira was there??

(pic: Paul Weaver / www.side2.no)


the morons

I'd rather gnaw off my own feet and eat them raw
than watch these idiots on TV.


the weather girl

obviously going windsurfing later.
(or is one boob smaller & needs help?)

aaand repeat

"artist" marianne aulie at Gullruten.
yeah, we get it now: you LOVE these dresses.
- or do you own only two??


spring is here!

...so we're donning some fierce & flowery tights
to our faux Issey Miyake outfit.