even more spellemann...

now, who's the furry little lady
with the cameltoe?

seems someone left the house
more than a little confused yesterday evening...
lay off the pills, mr!!

"honey, i am so proud of you
for wearing my curtains."
He's not the cowardly lion, that's for sure.

I'm all for letting your kids dress themselves,
it makes the world "funner",
but what's with the penis handbag??

"my arms fell asleep on the way over here"
"I think I just had a small stroke"

best dressed??

but I'm actually going to say something nice,
so hold on to your horses!

samsaya is always great,
and I love the Lydverket "tattoo"!
Help save the best thing on television here

bertine zetlitz in batlak & selvig:
no doubt the best dressed of the evening!

see...I can be nice, too.
(just don't get used to it)


yay - spellemann!

oh happy day,
the spellemann awards never fail to delight!

I'm completely convinced:
she's not making music anymore,
but pursuing her career as a dominatrix.

sadly, maya ended up looking like
the doll toilet roll holder in my grandma's bathroom

oh, lilyjets...
even matching outfits doesn't work for you.
looking forward to your next outing!