people do highly unnecessary things.
-it kinda hurts a little bit - and not in that good way...
(pic: Paul Weaver / www.side2.no)

(aaaand as his 30th birthday is coming up,
we got an email from this party animal requesting we do a portrait of him.
or if we knew of any magazine or newspaper which could be interested.
Focus: How he reached 30 by Still Point Therapy,
how he's finally found love, reached his goals, and his relationships
with his sparring partners Daniel, Mia, Henriette and Camilla.
Please, if you know anyone interested in doing an article, contact him asap!)


  1. Skal ikke se bort fra at VG kan være interessert?

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM GMT+1

    Dere har jaggu ikke mye positivt å skrive om folk som faktisk får ting til og som er meget dyktige med det de driver med! Patetisk av dere/deg å rakke ned på folk! Sier litt om hva dere har fått til her i livet..

  3. More ... Meeeeeer;) Norge need u <3

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM GMT

    Mer?!!!!!! Du er for sløv