I love my wife.
I think she looks gorgeous, I really do.
I mean it.

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  1. Anonymous6:42 PM GMT+1

    There are actually several artists/actors here in Norway - especially in their 40's- who do not know how to dress,and they always manage to look their worst at premieres.
    They seem to lack personal style,an understanding of how to dress their age and body type, and last, but not least,accepting that we're currently doin' 2008!
    There's lots of horror pictures in Se&Hør each week,which can really make your day.
    Unflattering fabrics,details,shilouettes,proportions,lenghts,colour-comboes and wrong choice of shoes,access and hairstyles are standard crimes.
    And regarding this total look... well,I don't even know where to begin.I'm speachless!
    Thank you for posting all these wonderful pic's, and together with the comments I scream of laughter :-)