Normal is Boring

 Nina Naustdal. 
I just can't get enough of this "designer to the pornstars". 
She's so natural and such fun, 
and living proof that money doesn't give you class, it just gives you money.  
(And get someone to teach you how to pronounce "Hermés" and "Louboutin" correctly?)
Whenever I feel down, I just browse her website and look at her collections. 
Then I go and give my worn-out Adidas jacket a big hug...

Here's an interview with her by MinMote-Sonia 
(who must be the most boring host ever to grace the world of web-tv...) 
Watch out for the music video!

Nina's website


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM GMT

    You are the most sorry fuck ever... You talk shit about other people that actually have done something whit THEIR life, because you are a piece of shit yourself.. You should stop picking on what anyone else does/don't do, and actually make something out of your own life!

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM GMT

      Marrying rich, spending money and letting your husband pay for your miserable designingskills is not "making something out of your life". The clothes speak for them selves - pukeworthy and whore-ready-to-wear.

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM GMT

    Synd hun har brukt så mye penger på vesker hun ikke kan uttale riktig...

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  4. Anonymous9:30 PM GMT+1

    Well, Nina is loud, has no taste whatsoever (buying expensive things doesnt mean that you have taste...just money), she has absolutely no class whatsoever and I would bet that she was a peniless gold digger before she met the mug of her husband that foots the bills.

  5. She is the most tackiest failure...her shop closed on walton st....need i say more?

  6. All my successses...hilarious!!!! Guess husband stopped paying for shitty clothes....SHOP has CLOSED down......what a cheap tacky gold digger.....also why is she always alone? Where is her husband?!

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM GMT

    Fugly bitch, and her designs as well to go with.. no talent whatsoever and i doubt that crap even sells... better save your money because that's all she has, oh wait that's her husband's

  8. Anonymous2:53 PM GMT

    I think you look terrific.Ignore everyone who says negative things about people. If you have a rich husband its not your darn fault & if he likes you to spend his money , so what.

  9. Anonymous2:58 PM GMT

    People are so jealous of anyone being rich.
    Nina is striking woman, saw her this morning white boots & fur coat, great looking Mother.
    Spend all you like, it is no ones business girl.