The Thief

Oslo's new "design hotel" The Thief had its grand opening and sadly I could not attend,
so I had to rely on other media to post pics for me to use. And they did.
Instagram's square image format makes it hard to show the full fashion deliciousness,
and here they are:
Per Sundnes posed next to the girl who's mouth never seem to close. She's wearing "The Mermaid Dress", which she found suitable as the hotel is by the fjord. It is not known whether she swam to the party, but rumors say she took a dip later and ended up in a "Beached Whale Dress" over by City Hall. 

Little Steven (please, there's only one thing little about him...) attracted this self-absorbed "actress" at the party. She could not decide whether she wanted curly or straight hair, so she went for this combo - almost as fun as her shrimp layered dress. I won't make fun of her, 'cause I love any woman who goes for a look that make her hips enormous.

Aaaaw, Gossip Girl Grandma is just the sweetest. She brought her father to this extravaganza.
Shame she left the eleganza at home.

(All pics: Stella Pictures)

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